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Every day we enthusiastically help our customers in growing their business. Together with a dedicated account manager, we enter into a flexible trajectory where (strategic) support is key. We provide you with potential new customers and guide you towards a maximum return.

Why Bambelo?

Free registration

Registration is completely free of charge and without obligation. You decide whether you want to receive applications from potential customers for a fixed price per application.

Only applications from your region

The potential customers who submit an application to you via Bambelo are located in your region. Hours of driving are therefore a thing of the past: you can be of direct service to the customer. Is your working area larger? In that case it’s of course also possible to receive requests from other regions.

Increase your client base

Once you attract customers through our platform and satisfy them with your work, your customer base will receive an enormous boost. Because after all, satisfied customers are loyal customers!

You decide how many leads you want to receive

You know best how much room you have left in your calendar. That's why at Bambelo, you decide how many leads you want to receive per week or per month.

You are not tied to anything

After registering on, you are not tied to a contract. Moreover, you don't pay any registration or subscription fees. You are not tied to anything and your registration is completely non-committal.

Save time and money

You don't have to search for new customers anymore, which means your marketing costs are much lower and you save time. We generate your leads, which means you can focus on what you do best: making customers happy by doing a great job.

A solution for every type of business

Whether you are a start-up, a scale-up, an SME or
an enterprise. We have a suitable solution for everyone.

The Start-up

You have recently started your own business. That’s super exciting, and you quickly find out there is more to it than you expected. Now that you’ve laid a good foundation, it’s time to start attracting clients!

The Scale-up

You have been running your own business for a couple of years and you employ a full-time salesperson who, in addition to acquisition, also thinks about customer retention. How can you stabilise the customer flow and how can you ensure to minimize your initial investment?


You have a well-run small-medium enterprise. Your company has been operating steadily for some time now and business is good, but you know that there is still much more room for growth. If you are hungry for more and your goal is to grow your business, we can help you!


You are a manager at a large company and supervise a team of about 10 employees. The company currently gets its leads from campaigns run by the marketing department, but you want to try a new channel to get leads.

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